Monday, February 4, 2013

Incoming, Outgoing..

Hello! I`m very happy to notice i have a few new followers. Welcome aboard! I really appreciate every one of you.

I am taking part at A Month of Letters. Such an exciting challenge for us mailenthusiasts. The idea is simple, just send something every weekday through the whole February. This has been keeping me busy this weekend. And i know, it is already 3rd February, but you are all still able to join this project. Just keep it going a few days in March or write on sundays also.

       I have also received some great mail:

Some of this is again trough swap-bot, then a letter from my dear friend and LWA membership-things. Nice!

 Back of the lovely mushroom envelope. This was through swap-bot`s toadstool or mushroom mail art.

The content of the lovely mushroom envelope. I loved everything!

These stamps are also through swap-bot. I got the themes i wished for. :)

This stamps was extra special! I love mail theme in stamps. So cool!

These came from Phoenix. I especially like the state card, i collect cards of different countries, towns and states. Yeah, touristy kinds. I love them and am going to cover a whole wall with these and some other cards received through Postcrossing.

I am now an official member of LWA, The Letter Writers Alliance! I`m going to get to know this alliance a little better now, since i am a member and all. Some people maybe would have done that before joining, but, well... I like to be different. :D These were all so pretty. I am going to cut down my spending a bit, otherwise i would have ordered for example LWA`s lovely stationery etc.. 

This is also trough swap-bot. I like it, that i sometimes get partners from Finland too. :)  

Suvi sent us these. Anni totally loved the stickers and the sea tattoos. And lollipops were very much to my taste, went straight back to my childhood in the 80`s. Have to get more of those!

 In Hello Kitty package was this lovely little dinosaur. (Anni love`s dinosaurs.) She now lives with a brown hedgehog on our kitchen windowsill.

   This is also trough swap-bot, from lovely Anni here in Oulu. How pretty are these letters! I wish i also knew calligraphy.

  This is what i got! I wonder what the story is behind those two autographed images? I googled and these are real actors from the 60`s. Anni sent Anni some namestickers, how cute! I will definitely find use for all of these. <3

OUTGOING... (how sad this looks all alone)

I have sent tons of mail last week. And this is the only set i remembered to take a photo of. What a pity! I promise to be more alert next week. That is also when we`ll meet again. I wish you all a wonderful new week. See you soon!


  1. According to your flag counter, I'm the first visitor from Norway, yey :) Great mail! I also love the mushroom envelope :)

    1. Nice to see you here! I hope you come back later, since you live nearby. ;)