Monday, February 4, 2013


Today i received lots of wonderful mail. This post is only about one, because i have a problem with it and i need you to help me!

I received a wonderful size A4 (9x12inches) envelope from Singapore. The Customs Declaration states this is sent 28. January 2013. (How fast shipping!) It contained the most wonderful items for papercrafting and writing letters. Unfortunately it didn`t contain any information of the sender. I take part at loads of swaps, so i am a bit unsure who this is from. I of course checked all my swaps at swap-bot, but didn`t find anything i was supposed to receive from Singapore. I really LOVED this swap, so i`m very eager to know, who this is from.

    Here is the envelope. How pretty! This is also where i work. On our kitchen table... I promise to send better pictures of this mess and how i store everything later.

   And see what this lovely mystery person sent! 
Definitely someone, who has seen my profile at swap-bot or sendsomething. 
No one can guess this well, what i like.

    A bit more detailed picture. I love the "adventure"-lady there, the one with blonde hair at blue and green surroundings. I will probably use it as a bookmark.

I hope someone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows this mysterious sender. I really really really want to say THANK YOU.

//Edit. I began to wonder, could this be a purchase i made at etsy some time ago. I ordered "Snail Mail Scrap Pack" from MissPinkRobin. This could be it? Oh my, i feel so bright!
By the way, she has some lovely things for sale. Check out.


  1. I hope you find out who sent you those amazing things. So annoying when you don't know who to say thank you to. (We still have a "mysterious" Christmas card here.)

    1. I now have an idea, of who these might be from. And yes, it is a bit annoying to have to guess this kind of things! I truly recommend everyone to write a return address to every envelope too.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, lovely mail indeed. I have received the most wonderful mail this week. More posts to come! :)