Monday, February 18, 2013

Postia, mail. (1.)

I'm so behind with my posts! I have received and sent loads of mail lately. Here is part 1, part 2 is coming soon. Didn't want to add too many pictures to one post. Have you received anything fancy lately?

    Are you familiar with the wonderful Janetstore? My dear friend told she orders the most pretty stationery from this lovely shop in Taiwan. I also wanted to try and everything went smooth. I got what i ordered + some extra gifts and the delivery was very fast.

    Some things from Janetstore. The Merry Christmas notecards were for sale so i had to buy a pile for next Christmas. They were so cute!

Some writing paper i ordered. These are size C5 and one contains about 85 papers.

    Lovely mail <3 Note the adorable reindeer envelope, it is made by Tumbochka.

          These i received from Kasey in Usa for Swap-bots Flat destash -swap. So many nice things!

These bookmarks i ordered myself, so cute. :)

                                 My favourite, just makes me smile every time i see it. :D

    Lovely Tumbochka sent me these via Sendsomething. <3 
I really love the icons! Going to frame these and put on my wall. :)

From Atc swap at swap-bot. I just LOVE these. Made by talented Jan in the Usa. 
She even included a note on this matching paper, how professional! :)

Lovely Tinne sent me and Anni these. 
She is my new penpal now, we got to know each other through this blog, how exciting!

Mail from another day. Remember the mystery envelope?  I just had make another order to MissPinkRobin just to know, if the envelope really was from her. :D See, it was a success! The same bird here too! And this time also the details of the sender were present. :)

    A scrap pack from MissPinkRobin. So inspiring!

   These envelopes are from MissPinkRobin too. I just LOVE the colors here! My daughter also adored these, and she has actually taken some of these. She says these contain magic powder! :)

    This is from Dominique in France via Month of Letters

     From Carolien in the Netherlands for a letter swap.

I'M SO SORRY, I have again forgotten to take pictures of the outgoing mail, damn. 
But here are some envelopes and parcels..

Some chocolate to Samantha in United Kingdom, little surprices for Nicky, both via Swap-bot. 
And a penpal -request letter to Letter Writers Alliance.

These are via Sendsomething and Swap-bot

Here is all for now. I have another post in the making, so I'll see you soon!


  1. I'm glad you like my letter.
    When I read you ordered another envelope just to see if you were right about the mystery one, it made me laugh.

    1. I`m great at making GOOD excuses when it comes to buying something craft or book related. :D

  2. Loooots of cute mail! <3

    I really like Janet store too, very cute items as you say, and not expensive at all!

    1. Yes, very cheap and the quality still was great. Here in Finland one Letter Set may cost like 7,90 euros. From Janet store you get like five sets for that price and the selection is HUGE.

  3. Great mail. Those colorful envelopes are really nice. Your daughter may be on to something. :) They look like they could contain magic powder.

    1. The do contain secret magic powder that helps my daughter to fall asleep! Really. She wants to choose one envelope when going to sleep, usually it is tiger or dragon envelope. Then i get 1 teaspoon of the invisible powder from the envie and pour it to my daughters head. With this MAGICAL ingredient our nights are a lot easier. ;D

    2. Why can`t i edit comments.., damn those spelling errors. :)

  4. You have some seriously awesome mail going on here! I just LOVE the icons!

    I'm waiting for a package from Janet store as well :3 It should arrive any day now!