Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Postia minulle (Mail for me)

Here is again some mail i`ve sent and received. 
Oh, i am so very much in love with this hobby!

Little bit of this and that. 
I bought the stamp kit for 5 euros, gonna use it for address labels.
 The lovely postcards are via Postcrossing. Then there is the already famous mystery envelope from Singapore. Everything else is via swap-bot, excluding the popsicle. It is one of my favourites from my childhood, M.A.C black orange. Lovely ice pop with cola and orange flavours.

Some pretty stamps from this weeks mail.

 These came for swap "profile-based flat thing". Thank you Ichigoshortcake! I really love heart-shaped stickers.

From Darlene came these. I love the colours here and the autumn leaves. My daughter adored heart-shaped little memo and she has already made an activitybook of it. So wonderful to have a creative daughter. <3 This swap had valentine`s theme. Oh and notice, there is also some candy there. Some candy is always good, right? :)

       I got these lovelies for "surprise in an envelope" -swap from Alex. 
These go nicely with the heart theme don`t you think? :)

These are "forgotten ones". I remembered to mail these, but had forgotten i also remembered to take photos! These were supposed to be at my last blogpost. 
Some of these have already arrived, i`ve heard.

For toadstool or mushroom mail art-swap via swap-bot. 
I first watercoloured the envelope, then here is some rubber stamping and some ink.

The backside of the envelope. The circles are stamped with an old wine cork. 
These look like little globes to me. :)

Here is what i sent to Vronica.

                                      A surprise for Queenie in Hong Kong. Via swap-bot.

  I have bought stamps, again. :)

  Here is what i sent for "Your favourite candy" -swap at swap-bot. I usually enjoy fruitcandies, so i chose these. I mainly buy sweet-mixes with salty liquorice, but i have heard many people hate it abroad so i chose these instead. And Angry Birds chewing gum for healthy teeth, right? Angry Birds are btw. Finnish. The recipient told she likes owls, so i also sent these owl postcards.

Is there anyone else interested of these priority/air mail -stickers? If so, would you like to do an exhange maybe? I also have some other countries, but i soon drown in these Finnish ones. Please send me e-mail at greatmailday [at] if interested.

Soon some more great mail! This has been a wonderful week of mail so far. <3


  1. I got the carrot stamp "dressed up" as a rabbit on my first postcrossing card. It was a beautiful chinese ink drawing of two playing kitties.
    You got and sent great mail again. You are so creative.

    1. I at first didn`t really like the idea of those stamps, but now they feel genius. I guess i needed some time to warm up. :)

      And thank you for your compliment. I have never felt that creative, but I`ve began to think about my creativity lately, if i have it and so. I asked my boyfriend and he said i definitely am very creative, so i guess i am then. :D

  2. Nuo sun kirjekuoret on kyllä tosi hienoja! :) Ihanan yksityiskohtaisia ja muutenkin kauniita. Mitenköhän minäkin oppisin tuon taidon? :D

    1. Kiitos paljon kehuista! Itse aina löytää jotain paranneltavaa, kun katsoo noita jo lähteneitä tietokoneen ruudulta. Mun mielestä tekemällä oppii ja niin, että tekee ajattelematta liikoja, kokeilee kaikkea ja pitää kaikkialla silmät auki uusille ideoille. Ja ei sais olla liian kriittinen omia töitään kohtaan, terveisin paraskin sanoja. :D

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  4. Ugh, the priority labels... They always give you too many, and because I ship mostly in economy I then have to sneak to the packing table to get me some economy ones... :D

    It popped into my mind, that I had a partner in one swap, who lived in Malaysia but worked in Singapore where she sent her mail from. So could this be the case for your mystery envie too?

    (I just had to edit the spelling errors out...)

    1. I actually asked for these, but i got a bit too many.. I guess the lady at the post office had noticed i visit quite often and thought i need A LOT of those. :D

      That sounds funny, to work regularly at a different country! But i have heard Singapore is very small, so the commutes aren`t too long then. I have been a detective and i have a feeling i might have paid for this stuff. I bought "mail scrap pack" from etsy and this could be it. Though it is a bit strange that the seller hasn`t included ANY info here, so the case is not closed yet. I am waiting if someone contacts me at swap-bot about these, if not, then these must be those bought items.. How wonderful would it be if EVERYONE would always write down the return address too.

  5. Hi Satu, some great envelopes there. Is Satu a common name overthere. I recognize your name...maybe from swap-bot or maybe I did write to a girl named Satu when I was younger... Thanks for folowwing my blog. I'll be one of your blog x

    1. Hello Marijke! Thank you for your compliment. :) Satu was more popular in the 80`s i think, that`s when i was born too. I checked wikipedia and it says 26 443 has the name Satu in Finland, four of them are male. The origin of the name is actually Finnish too, Satu means fairytale here. Quite nice i think. :)

  6. Wauw, that's just a great name now I know the meaning!

  7. I'm from the US and had never even heard of salty licorice flavored candies until I made friends with a Finnish girl & a Norwegian when I was away at uni! It's not something you can get in the US, and I think it would be strange for most here, but I actually enjoyed it! It's such a unique flavor.

    I'm glad I found your blog! I'm also an LEP member! :)

    1. Unique is a good word for salty licorice. :) You are probably the first one outside of Finland that I`ve met who likes the taste! :D

      And nice to see other LEP members here! I just wrote a letter for the first swap and it was such fun to make my superhero -portrait for it. :) Did you take part?