Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonderful week of mail!

Hello dears! So here is the post I`ve been meaning to send for days now. I have sent several and more mail this year and have been eagerly waiting for my mailbox to burst. Well last week it almost happened! I have received tons of wonderful mail and i want to share this love with you.

This much mail, one day only. 

It was indeed! 
This came within the Adlibris package. I read this already and i recommend to anyone who loves to send and receive beautiful mail. This book of course had many pictures, but it also elaborates the history of mailart movement, some mailartists etc.

  One of the not that pretty black plasticbags had a pretty content.

    This is via one swap i participated at swap-bot. It was sent by The lovely Love Parcel. This envelope is so cute. :)

 This is what she sent. ♥ I love the green notebook, I will probably start keeping my mail log or reading log there.

    The huge black bag was my order from Rainie via Etsy. 
She has a wonderful shop prettyM. Go check it out.
    Everything was very well packed. She had also included me some extra items, how nice! This cat memo was one of them. :)

   Here is everything i ordered from prettyM. The three things in the lower left corner came as extra. This doesn´t really look as much as it really is. The packages contain sets, which really weren`t small. These tiny looking packs contain for example 32 Postcards or 27 sheets of masking tape stickers..

Here a few closer looks to these lovely items. :)



Phew.. That was only one day! Still more to come...
    Memopad is via Ebay. The lovely matryoshka envelope is via swap-bot. I just love these bright colors and the stamps also had my heart. (Fiskars makes the best scissors. They are Finnish btw.)

    The back of matryoshka envelope. 
How happy this made me, look at those figures. :)

    Matryoshka swap was mainly focused on the envelope, but lovely Eurocat also included some nice surprises. She also sent things for my daughter, so kind!

 I also took part at a sticker swap. I forgot the take a picture of the envelope. These were also some for my daughter, so kind again! 

Though i sometimes feel this world is a terrible place this mailing thing has made me believe in humankind again. There still is so much kindness and love, so lovely people!

Okay. Then there was this another mail day...
Here is my daughter`s Hobby Horse, Ruska (Autumn leaf color), presenting the days mail. These are both via swap-bot. The one on the left comes from Jellyrabby in Singapore and the one on the right from Isabellasnow in United States.

Backside of the lovely airmail envelope.
 I love anything airmail and it seems Isabellasnow somehow knew it. Look at all these lovelies!

  Have i mentioned I L-O-V-E C-A-N-D-Y? So as i saw a candyswap at swap-bot i of course participated. And wooohoo the day these came all the way from Singapore. Thank you Jellyrabby! We had a sweet party with my daughter and bf that day. :)

 Jellyrabby had a nice thought i might want to try several different candies, so she included these minipackages. How pretty these are! I am definitely keeping these, when they are empty. (Which is right about now actually.. )

  And the backsides. My daughter loved these letters and made words with these. :)

I have also managed to send something. Here is a little peek..
   Swap via Swap-bot

My matryoshka envelope, via swap-bot

  These are leaving tomorrow. The bigger is size A4 and full of paper. A huge swap via swap-bot. Can`t wait to receive mine! The little smaller envelope is to my first ever reader lovely Tinne. ♥

This is what i sent for the paperswap. I wont show more, because there is a slight chance the receiver might come to view these.. The magazine "Uusi Nainen" is "New Woman" in English. It was a Finnish females magazine. This issue is from September 1963. I hope Tiffany likes these. :)

I btw. managed to test my sealing wax kit. It was very easy to use and i am definitely gonna start using these more often!

I think this is all for now. See you soon! ♥ ♥

Monday, January 28, 2013

My new stamp!

Hello! I`ve been meaning to post a hundred times already, but i´ve been rather busy with my other life (there can be one!) so pardon me for this radiosilence. This is just a small post before the storm, there is a huge post on the way. Last week has been amazing mailwise!

But see what i just made! My first ever self-made stamp. I used an old eraser and a carvingknife. I draw the lines by hand with permanent 0,7mm marker. It too me about 20 minutes to make this. And ta da!:

I think this ended up looking rather nice, or what you think?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flow and other great things

Hello again!

And a very special hello to my first ever readers TomoyoHime and Anni. ♥ ♥

Today i got a very special delivery, the new international Flow-magazine and i am in love!  Just wow. Check it out! At least Academic bookstore sells it here in Finland, it can also be ordered online and doesn`t cost a fortune (mine was around 15 euros) considering what you get, there well all kinds of papery extras included and the magazine itself is just amazing.

      Mine!! ♥ ♥

 This is the outgoing mail for today. All are swaps via swap-bot. I hope the receivers like what i sent.

       I just love these stamps! By The paintings are by one of my favourite artists, Helene Schjerfbeck. And The Hattifatteners are of course by Tove Jansson. And i found two of these lovely stickers, "Say it in the mail, mail will always be opened". I wish these were still on the market. Does anyone happen to know where to find something alike? And in Finnish please.

    I also went shopping again today. Oh dear. I actually decided to buy nothing this January, haven`t really succeeded..
  As i was mailing the things above i noticed that new stamps were just released. 
These are very pretty and funny, or what do you think? (I also think I should get a new camera...)
    Some more stamps... The beautifully painted Oulu postcards are from Taito shop
The Little My stickers i got as a present from my boyfriend. I don`t have any celebrations going on, he just had seen those at the grocery and thought they might be a nice thing for me to mail somewhere abroad.  So nice of him!
  From Taito shop i also bought some goodies to be mailed in the future. 
So this is all you`ll see at the moment. :) 

 These below were for free. I visited Oulu City Tourist Office to get some information leaflets to send to my friends all over the world. The service there was very friendly, though i wasn`t a tourist at all. I just explained why i need all kinds of info and he brought me an armful and even wished I´d come back in a few weeks, and told the new Oulu Infos will come out of the print then.

I also bought a wax seal kit for letterwriting. Haven`t ever tried that before and it cost only 2 euros. I`ll post some pictures of my experiments in the future. And from the fleamarket i found 40 kraftpaperenvelopes for only one euro, not bad.

That`s all for now. See you again soon! ♥

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My first giveaway

Hello dears! I want to see, if anyone is following this blog. And to make following a bit easier I added a Lovely Readers -gadget. (scroll down to see it) 

I of course would also like to spread a little love to my first ever follower so it is time for my first giveaway. I`m going to send some paper ephemera, other papercrafty stuff and maybe some stationery too to my first ever follower. 

So check in by pressing the blue button below the "lovely readers" text. I see it in Finnish "liity tähän sivustoon", maybe you have it in your language? When you are done and notice you are all alone and the very first follower, please email me at with your address and soon you will have a surprise from yours truly in your mailbox.

     Illustration "Mom" by my dear daughter.

And please do not leave my first follower all alone here, the more followers the merrier and maybe more giveaways too. See you again soon and happy weekend to you all! ♥ ♥

The One Minute Muse

I truly recommend you to check out this and other great videos made by The One Minute Muse. Very simple and creative techniques to decorate your papers. I certainly know what i am doing this weekend. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mail this week

Hello again! Remember the big package i received a few days ago? Here is what lovely PK from Texas sent me. I was totally blown away with all this lovely craft-stuff she had chosen. She even included special gifts for my daughter, so i was very pleased with this swap. It was organised via swap-bot.

Here is everything i got. Quite a lot! My daughter received for example lovely removable tattoos and a Hello Kitty-bookmark. The minigrips are all FULL of stickersheets, there surely was plenty of them.

I took photos of few of the sheets to show you the variety:

 I had mentioned in my profile that i and my daughter love stickers. PK definitely had read my profile and sent us lots of love. Thank you so very much! ♥ ♥ ♥

     I have also received a few postcards. First is from my parents, Zebracard is from my friend and autumny wishes are via Postcrossing from Germany.

      My parents` cat had drawn a picture of a mouse himself, how talented he is! :) 
The text here says: "Lots of hugs!" And i didn`t know there was also this    
kind of priority -sticker here in Finland! I guess that is some kind of 
Christmas-special since there is this red hat.

 I have made some Etsy-purchases lately. One of them already arrived yesterday. So if you want your lovely items shipped VERY fast i really recommend BDDesigns.

Here is what i ordered, lettersheets, postcards, labelstickers. Aren`t they lovely? I definitely will order from this shop again in the future.

As i already told before, i took part at a swap called "decotaped envelope with a surprise" at Swap-bot. I just got a message from Rosie in LA, that she had received my post. So now i can show these you too. Rosie told her favourite color is green, so i tried to keep that in mind.

    I should get better alphabet-stamps. The ones i use now make such a mess. :P

    Here is what i sent. The Moominthingy is a magnetic bookmark.
    These are via "Surprise in an envelope" from Swap-bot, again. The brilliant idea of this swap was to choose the items and seal the envelope before the partners were assigned, so surprise, surprise! I`ll show the things i sent, when these arrive.

That`s all for now. See you again soon! Nice weekend to you all. :) ♥ ♥

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mail and shopping.

Today i did some shopping. Didn`t actually look for anything special, just checking what our lovely city had to offer. I visited the Second Hand Store at the centre of Oulu, where i went to look for some new clothes for my daughter. She grows up so fast! Didn`t find any clothes for her, but luckily found some treasures for myself.

    There was this huge cardboardbox and it was full of unused postcards, oh my!  And the best thing was they cost 0,10 euros each. That is about 0,13$. I might have bought 40.. The plastic bags were another catch, full of stamps from around the world! The price was 3 euros (3,99$) for these both. 

  And there sure was stamps! I was actually mad enough to count these, 
outcome was i now have 1205 new (old) stamps. How cool is that!

My boyfriend collects icehockeycards and he asked if i could go to Akateeminen kirjakauppa (academic bookstore) to see if there was any plastic card pages for storing the cards. Well, didn`t find any of those, but..

 Found something else. Basic labelstickers for my letterwriting-projects. A wooden clipboard for letterwriting and other projects. The beautiful card (the spaceboys) is by Mila Marquis. And I found a cool crafty magazine here in Oulu, wooo-hooooooo! Mollie makes that is.

A better picture of my beautiful writingboard. 
It is made of 100% recycled 
cardboard and therefore i love it even more!

The Mollie makes didn`t include just the magazine, but two extra gifts, both were wonderful. :)

    There was eight cards with nice envelopes. 4 different cards, two of each.  
Each card had a nice crafty quote.

   Doesn`t it? :)

There was also this extraspecialgift, 2013 Luxury Spring Paper collection! Papers were size A4.
It was really nice and inspiration just began to tingle all around me!

    Here are a few of my favourite designs:

I have also received some mail :)
 Ankica from Croatia send me a nice letter with gifts for us all. ♥
My daughter got this lovely bow, my bf a postcard with a soccerstadium
(he collects postcards of stadiums) and i got a beautiful bookmark. The flowers are by the way real!

And these waited in my mailbox today: 
Two postcards via Postcrossing. Mouflons from Evelyne in France and Gurulu Demon Mask from Nicky in Great Britain. Thank you so very much! 
And i already received my "Big Fat Filled Envelope" via Swap-bot. It came from PK in Texas. And woooooooooooow what was inside! It was just SUPER!!! I of course took a photo after i opened this, but that`ll have to wait until tomorrow. It is already 3.30 A.M and i so very much should be sleeping. 

Until next time! ♥