Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello lovelies!


I remember having my first penpal, when i was six years old. I even remember the paper i used to write to then, white papers with embossed lines and beautiful colourful flowers at the corners. Oh the memories! I used to be a superwriter, had tons and tons of pals with whom i wrote with several times a month. We also swapped friendshipbooks. All this until my teenageyears, then i just stopped, what a shame!

When i was about twenty years old i got interested in swapping again. I`ve been mainly swapping decos and slams and occasionally writing letters. I quit that kind of swapping some time ago and wondered what to do with all my creativity, thoughts and papers?

Luckily i soon found out that snail mail is still going strong. Lately I`ve been reading all these gorgeus mailblogs with filled and oh so beautifully decorated envelopes and decided to take part. I`ve already attended several swaps at swap-bot and also began postcrossing. I have taken pictures of all mail i have sent and will be taking pictures of the mail I`ll receive. All this can be seen in this blog very soon, just have to wait until all my posts arrive, don`t want to spoil the surprises. 

So we`ll meet again soon, then with pictures too.

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