Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonderful week of mail!

Hello dears! So here is the post I`ve been meaning to send for days now. I have sent several and more mail this year and have been eagerly waiting for my mailbox to burst. Well last week it almost happened! I have received tons of wonderful mail and i want to share this love with you.

This much mail, one day only. 

It was indeed! 
This came within the Adlibris package. I read this already and i recommend to anyone who loves to send and receive beautiful mail. This book of course had many pictures, but it also elaborates the history of mailart movement, some mailartists etc.

  One of the not that pretty black plasticbags had a pretty content.

    This is via one swap i participated at swap-bot. It was sent by The lovely Love Parcel. This envelope is so cute. :)

 This is what she sent. ♥ I love the green notebook, I will probably start keeping my mail log or reading log there.

    The huge black bag was my order from Rainie via Etsy. 
She has a wonderful shop prettyM. Go check it out.
    Everything was very well packed. She had also included me some extra items, how nice! This cat memo was one of them. :)

   Here is everything i ordered from prettyM. The three things in the lower left corner came as extra. This doesn´t really look as much as it really is. The packages contain sets, which really weren`t small. These tiny looking packs contain for example 32 Postcards or 27 sheets of masking tape stickers..

Here a few closer looks to these lovely items. :)



Phew.. That was only one day! Still more to come...
    Memopad is via Ebay. The lovely matryoshka envelope is via swap-bot. I just love these bright colors and the stamps also had my heart. (Fiskars makes the best scissors. They are Finnish btw.)

    The back of matryoshka envelope. 
How happy this made me, look at those figures. :)

    Matryoshka swap was mainly focused on the envelope, but lovely Eurocat also included some nice surprises. She also sent things for my daughter, so kind!

 I also took part at a sticker swap. I forgot the take a picture of the envelope. These were also some for my daughter, so kind again! 

Though i sometimes feel this world is a terrible place this mailing thing has made me believe in humankind again. There still is so much kindness and love, so lovely people!

Okay. Then there was this another mail day...
Here is my daughter`s Hobby Horse, Ruska (Autumn leaf color), presenting the days mail. These are both via swap-bot. The one on the left comes from Jellyrabby in Singapore and the one on the right from Isabellasnow in United States.

Backside of the lovely airmail envelope.
 I love anything airmail and it seems Isabellasnow somehow knew it. Look at all these lovelies!

  Have i mentioned I L-O-V-E C-A-N-D-Y? So as i saw a candyswap at swap-bot i of course participated. And wooohoo the day these came all the way from Singapore. Thank you Jellyrabby! We had a sweet party with my daughter and bf that day. :)

 Jellyrabby had a nice thought i might want to try several different candies, so she included these minipackages. How pretty these are! I am definitely keeping these, when they are empty. (Which is right about now actually.. )

  And the backsides. My daughter loved these letters and made words with these. :)

I have also managed to send something. Here is a little peek..
   Swap via Swap-bot

My matryoshka envelope, via swap-bot

  These are leaving tomorrow. The bigger is size A4 and full of paper. A huge swap via swap-bot. Can`t wait to receive mine! The little smaller envelope is to my first ever reader lovely Tinne. ♥

This is what i sent for the paperswap. I wont show more, because there is a slight chance the receiver might come to view these.. The magazine "Uusi Nainen" is "New Woman" in English. It was a Finnish females magazine. This issue is from September 1963. I hope Tiffany likes these. :)

I btw. managed to test my sealing wax kit. It was very easy to use and i am definitely gonna start using these more often!

I think this is all for now. See you soon! ♥ ♥


  1. *squeals* So much lovely things! I love love love all the stuff you ordered from prettyM. I've actually ordered some of the same stuff from separate shops myself... (like the vintage deer stamp stickers and the bottom masking tape tin box!) And the air mail things are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, it was like a second christmas, when these arrived! And guess what, yesterday i made another huge purchase. Damn you Paypal, too easy to use! I organized my lettersets a few days ago and noticed i have more than enough envelopes, but since i`ve started to write more and more letters, my paperstorages are a little too tiny. Well, went to Janetstore and... :) My friend recommmended the shop, so i had to give it a try. :)

  2. Oh! I saw the envelope addressed to me. Thank you!!!
    I have "Good mail day" too. I love it, but I'm not such a fan of the "lets pick up some trash we find on the street" idea. =P
    You received the prettiest things in your mailbox. I'm going to look at it again, I'm sure I'll see even more pretty things I missed the first time.

    1. You`re welcome! And thank you for being my first follower. And i actually liked Good Mail Day`s idea of collecting random things for mail art. Though it is quite impossible right now, since here is so much snow at the moment, but maybe I`ll do some "ephemerawalks" nearby when spring arrives.

      And yes, pretty is the right word to describe my purchases. :) And as i told Anni above, more pretty to come! :)

    2. I received your envelope today! Thank you sooooo much for all the beautiful stationery! I already made a blog post about it.

    3. Glad you enjoyed! And as i said to you in your blog, it`s still so strangely funny to see something you have just had in your hands photographed at a totally different place and country. The joys of this hobby. <3

  3. Hello, I am from the U.S. I would love to be a penpal with you. Please email me at Love your blog also!

    1. I sent you e-mail. :) Thank you for your kind words. :)

  4. Nuo PrettyM:stä tilatut jutut erityisen ihania! Menin itsekin sinne ja keräilin kivoja juttuja ostoskoriin, mutta sitten tulikin sen aika että pitäisi miettiä miten ihmeessä ne ostokset maksetaan :D En oo koskaan tilannu mitään ulkomailta ja huomasin että ilmeisesti tuolla voi maksaa vain PayPalilla, ja sitä mulla ei tietenkään oo enkä oo mistään ohjeista oikein ymmärtänyt miten se toimii ja se vaikuttaa kauhean epäluotettavaltakin... :( Onko se sun mielestä helppoa säätää sen PayPalin kanssa? :s

    1. Mun mielestä PayPal on tosi helppo systeemi ja en oo ainakaan tähän mennessä törmännyt mihinkään "luottamusongelmiin" sen kanssa. Sinne siis tehdään se tili, johon yhdistetään sun kortin tiedot, myös Visa Electron mun mielestä käy siellä. Sitten kun tilaat, niin maksuvaiheessa kirjoitat sen paypalin tunnuksen ja salasanan ja se automaattisesti sitten hoitaa maksun sun puolesta siltä kortilta, minkä oot sinne lisännyt. Ja ne kortin tiedot ei koskaan tule sen myyjän tietoon, vaan se maksuliikenne kulkee Paypalin kautta.
      Mun mielestä vähän liiankin helppo systeemi, kun tilaaminen kaikkialta on sitten vähän turhankin yksinkertaista.. :D