Friday, January 18, 2013

Mail this week

Hello again! Remember the big package i received a few days ago? Here is what lovely PK from Texas sent me. I was totally blown away with all this lovely craft-stuff she had chosen. She even included special gifts for my daughter, so i was very pleased with this swap. It was organised via swap-bot.

Here is everything i got. Quite a lot! My daughter received for example lovely removable tattoos and a Hello Kitty-bookmark. The minigrips are all FULL of stickersheets, there surely was plenty of them.

I took photos of few of the sheets to show you the variety:

 I had mentioned in my profile that i and my daughter love stickers. PK definitely had read my profile and sent us lots of love. Thank you so very much! ♥ ♥ ♥

     I have also received a few postcards. First is from my parents, Zebracard is from my friend and autumny wishes are via Postcrossing from Germany.

      My parents` cat had drawn a picture of a mouse himself, how talented he is! :) 
The text here says: "Lots of hugs!" And i didn`t know there was also this    
kind of priority -sticker here in Finland! I guess that is some kind of 
Christmas-special since there is this red hat.

 I have made some Etsy-purchases lately. One of them already arrived yesterday. So if you want your lovely items shipped VERY fast i really recommend BDDesigns.

Here is what i ordered, lettersheets, postcards, labelstickers. Aren`t they lovely? I definitely will order from this shop again in the future.

As i already told before, i took part at a swap called "decotaped envelope with a surprise" at Swap-bot. I just got a message from Rosie in LA, that she had received my post. So now i can show these you too. Rosie told her favourite color is green, so i tried to keep that in mind.

    I should get better alphabet-stamps. The ones i use now make such a mess. :P

    Here is what i sent. The Moominthingy is a magnetic bookmark.
    These are via "Surprise in an envelope" from Swap-bot, again. The brilliant idea of this swap was to choose the items and seal the envelope before the partners were assigned, so surprise, surprise! I`ll show the things i sent, when these arrive.

That`s all for now. See you again soon! Nice weekend to you all. :) ♥ ♥


  1. Haha, you have a very talented cat indeed. Mine is a model, he likes to pose for pics. I can't take a pic, or my cat appears on it. *sigh*
    You send beautiful envelopes!

  2. He lives actually with my parents, I myself am a bit allergic and that`s a shame. I used to have cats too, but can`t anymore. :( Luckily my parents` cat sometimes writes and that causes no allergy! :) And yes, the posing cats sound very familiar. When i used to have cats, they appear at almost every single picture taken at that era. :D

    And thank you for your kind words. It is nice to hear, that my posts are liked. :)