Saturday, February 23, 2013

Postia, mail. (2.)

  Hello lovelies! 

 First i would like to welcome all new readers, it is nice to see that so many are interested in my mail life. :) This post is a sequel for my last post. I was supposed to post earlier, but I guess I`ve been busy? This week has been SPECTACULAR mailwise, so i had to cut this post in two parts too. Second part coming this weekend if i don`t get lazy. :)

(p.s To keep my posts more up to date, i wont be posting about all "normal" letters i send and receive. At least for this time of the year, when Letter Month is still running and i get and send more mail than usual.)

All this mail on one day! Just amazing.

This lovely letter came from Jennyrose in Usa. I love Helena Bonham Carter, Jennyrose had decorated one of her letter papers with Helenas picture. <3

These are from Beth in Canada. Just my favourite colors! <3

From Camille in UK. The yellow thing is a magnet with Lambanana on it, you heard me, Lambanana. It is a creature half lamb and half banana. LOVE it!

This beautiful envelope with decotape samples and a lovely letter came from Jessica in Usa.

From Miriam in Spain. The bookmark reminds me of the amazing Frida Kahlo. And see those Gaudi -stickers, wow! Gaudi is one of my favourite architects.

I sent a postcard to Alison in UK via sendsomething and she sent me all this in return!

Alisons envelope was very pretty and it contained poetry by Alfred Lord Tennyson. A nice idea! I think i need to start making poetic envelopes too.

From Lisa in Usa i received these via decotape swap at swap-bot. I love the colors here!

This beautifully stamped envelope is from Sherry in Usa. Also a swap-bot swap.

From Sherry. She had included sports themed postcards since my boyfriend is a huge sportsfan. :) The robot makes me smile.
Sherry had also made an own envelope for my daughter. So sweet of her! <3

    These are from Sherry too. I just LOVE the rubberstamps, don`t you? <3

From Roxanne in Canada came this lovely envelope
The backside of Roxannes envelope. The text here pretty much recaps my priorities in life at the moment. :)
Roxanne had packed everything this pretty. I almost felt bad opening this, cause it was so nicely made.
This is what Roxanne sent. I just love the notecards! And the postcard with the lovely lady is going to be framed and put on my wall. :)
I have also (of course...) bought something. These beauties are from Petite Paperie.

I also bought some postcards from a Finnish seller, Janne Harala Tmi. These will be wonderful for Postcrossing. (And for all Finnish readers out there, the shop still has a great discount -60% of all postcards.)
I have noticed that many mail lovers also love books, so here are some. These two i have borrowed from the local library. The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen and The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. I havent yet started, but i`ve heard these are good. Have you read these yet?

These i bought. Oh the lovely Adlibris, where even us Finns can find great books! :)
This is the mail i sent after last weekend. :)
Outgoing from last weekend..

A great mail week, don`t you think? And this is just the beginning! More coming soon. I hope you are having a happy time wherever you are. <3

Monday, February 18, 2013

Postia, mail. (1.)

I'm so behind with my posts! I have received and sent loads of mail lately. Here is part 1, part 2 is coming soon. Didn't want to add too many pictures to one post. Have you received anything fancy lately?

    Are you familiar with the wonderful Janetstore? My dear friend told she orders the most pretty stationery from this lovely shop in Taiwan. I also wanted to try and everything went smooth. I got what i ordered + some extra gifts and the delivery was very fast.

    Some things from Janetstore. The Merry Christmas notecards were for sale so i had to buy a pile for next Christmas. They were so cute!

Some writing paper i ordered. These are size C5 and one contains about 85 papers.

    Lovely mail <3 Note the adorable reindeer envelope, it is made by Tumbochka.

          These i received from Kasey in Usa for Swap-bots Flat destash -swap. So many nice things!

These bookmarks i ordered myself, so cute. :)

                                 My favourite, just makes me smile every time i see it. :D

    Lovely Tumbochka sent me these via Sendsomething. <3 
I really love the icons! Going to frame these and put on my wall. :)

From Atc swap at swap-bot. I just LOVE these. Made by talented Jan in the Usa. 
She even included a note on this matching paper, how professional! :)

Lovely Tinne sent me and Anni these. 
She is my new penpal now, we got to know each other through this blog, how exciting!

Mail from another day. Remember the mystery envelope?  I just had make another order to MissPinkRobin just to know, if the envelope really was from her. :D See, it was a success! The same bird here too! And this time also the details of the sender were present. :)

    A scrap pack from MissPinkRobin. So inspiring!

   These envelopes are from MissPinkRobin too. I just LOVE the colors here! My daughter also adored these, and she has actually taken some of these. She says these contain magic powder! :)

    This is from Dominique in France via Month of Letters

     From Carolien in the Netherlands for a letter swap.

I'M SO SORRY, I have again forgotten to take pictures of the outgoing mail, damn. 
But here are some envelopes and parcels..

Some chocolate to Samantha in United Kingdom, little surprices for Nicky, both via Swap-bot. 
And a penpal -request letter to Letter Writers Alliance.

These are via Sendsomething and Swap-bot

Here is all for now. I have another post in the making, so I'll see you soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mail and Valentine`s

Hello dears! I`m sorry it took me this long to finish this post. I warn you, there is going to be a lot of pictures. And this post will soon be followed by a post with even more pictures. :D I have been very happy to receive the most amazing mail in the past week. Oh, love it!

And here we go ... First a very few of the many things i have sent. I have again forgotten to take pictures and some of the pictures are saved for another posts.

   This is heading for Samantha via Swap-bot`s "Make me smile" profile based swap. Not going to tell what i sent just in case Samantha sees this.

     These are for swap-bot too, ephemera and something else. I really should document these better, my memory has been very bad lately..

    Some lovely mail! The lovely blue envelope in the front is from my new penpal Hudy in Singapore. I was very surprised to receive such a huge package instead of an envelope with a letter. So pleased to have Hudy as my new friend. :) The ones in the middle are via Postcrossing and brown envelope is via Swap-bot, paper destash i think from Macie in USA. (The documenting..? Yes, i will start it from NOW on.)

   See! A library themed stamp. HOW NEAT!

    From lovely Hudy. Amazing things. :)

            Hudy also included this lovely Singapore magnet. I decided to start collecting these souvenir magnets since i had two Japanese already, or actually these belong to my daughter.
 My brother went to Japan last year and had bought these for Anni.

    From Japan via Postcrossing. I especially love the autumny one. My daughter adored the lizard and the tiny elephant envelopes. The book is mine, actually it belongs to the Oulu city library. It is A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I enjoyed and hated the book at the same time. It is first book of a trilogy, definitely going to read the second book though. Third isn`t published yet. 

  All of this came from Macie. <3
 (Don't know why this pic is this tiny, computers don't love me today.)

                                This is another paper destash swap via swap-bot. From Kelly in USA.

  These lovelies i got. <3 Definitely inspiring.

 Hugs for you all! <3
  She had also included this map of the United States. 
Nice. I love to receive maps of foreign places.

Anni recommended The Simple Things magazine for me. I bought two issues. :) The package is from fleamarket. It says something like "Box of discoveries". It cost me 1,50 euros. (That is about 2 dollars)
    The "box" contained these. I have now so much stamps i need to organize them somehow.. 
 Any ideas?
    Also these came in this surprise box. Some old Finnish coins, a few foreign bills and some more stamps. :D

    These are again via swap-bot. Green came from nearby, Sweden. 
The lovely clown envelope is from USA.

                                        Green envelope contained these lovelies, some red paper,
                                                    decorative tape and nice stickers. <3                                                                 
     This is what Amy from USA sent for ephemera swap. <3 It was supposed to contain 10 items, but as you can see i got plenty of extras. :) The red folder near the clown envelope is the one that inspired me to make origamis. :)

          I have also received some packages. The upper one is from Jacoline via swap-bot and the one below is something i bought from Whachuneed etsy shop.      
I got a bit worried as i saw this damage of the envelope, 
luckily everything was well packed and the items were fine.
   From Whachuneed I bought these beautifully wrapped scrap packs.

    Whachuneed, pack one. Very nice. :)

                                             Whachuneed pack two. I liked this too. :)

                        These charms are also from Whachuneed. I seem to need a lot of things.. :)

   This AMAZING package came from Jacoline in the Netherlands for Valentine`s swap.
So many nice things! <3

  I just loved these owls! They make me smile <3. I`m going to transform these into magnets so i can see these every day. Just so cute!

               Jacoline also send this nice heart decoration. You can for example put your pretty postcards behind the hearts and make a little postcards display with this. I really love this too. :)
 My daughter had drawn this for me for Valentine`s day. <3 I am in the middle and Anni is the smaller one. She knows my favourite color is red, as you can see in my shirt. And her favourite color is green. :) There is also a moomintroll with us. And a nice duckling. 
She told we are going for a night swim here. :)
   This says "Happy Valentine`s day". :) She has written it herself. Quite nice for a 4 y.o. <3

    My boyfriend isn`t that much of a romantic so i was VERY surprised as he brought me these.
                         Oh my. <3

Happy Valentine`s day to you all! 

  You are lovely.  ♥