Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mail and Valentine`s

Hello dears! I`m sorry it took me this long to finish this post. I warn you, there is going to be a lot of pictures. And this post will soon be followed by a post with even more pictures. :D I have been very happy to receive the most amazing mail in the past week. Oh, love it!

And here we go ... First a very few of the many things i have sent. I have again forgotten to take pictures and some of the pictures are saved for another posts.

   This is heading for Samantha via Swap-bot`s "Make me smile" profile based swap. Not going to tell what i sent just in case Samantha sees this.

     These are for swap-bot too, ephemera and something else. I really should document these better, my memory has been very bad lately..

    Some lovely mail! The lovely blue envelope in the front is from my new penpal Hudy in Singapore. I was very surprised to receive such a huge package instead of an envelope with a letter. So pleased to have Hudy as my new friend. :) The ones in the middle are via Postcrossing and brown envelope is via Swap-bot, paper destash i think from Macie in USA. (The documenting..? Yes, i will start it from NOW on.)

   See! A library themed stamp. HOW NEAT!

    From lovely Hudy. Amazing things. :)

            Hudy also included this lovely Singapore magnet. I decided to start collecting these souvenir magnets since i had two Japanese already, or actually these belong to my daughter.
 My brother went to Japan last year and had bought these for Anni.

    From Japan via Postcrossing. I especially love the autumny one. My daughter adored the lizard and the tiny elephant envelopes. The book is mine, actually it belongs to the Oulu city library. It is A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I enjoyed and hated the book at the same time. It is first book of a trilogy, definitely going to read the second book though. Third isn`t published yet. 

  All of this came from Macie. <3
 (Don't know why this pic is this tiny, computers don't love me today.)

                                This is another paper destash swap via swap-bot. From Kelly in USA.

  These lovelies i got. <3 Definitely inspiring.

 Hugs for you all! <3
  She had also included this map of the United States. 
Nice. I love to receive maps of foreign places.

Anni recommended The Simple Things magazine for me. I bought two issues. :) The package is from fleamarket. It says something like "Box of discoveries". It cost me 1,50 euros. (That is about 2 dollars)
    The "box" contained these. I have now so much stamps i need to organize them somehow.. 
 Any ideas?
    Also these came in this surprise box. Some old Finnish coins, a few foreign bills and some more stamps. :D

    These are again via swap-bot. Green came from nearby, Sweden. 
The lovely clown envelope is from USA.

                                        Green envelope contained these lovelies, some red paper,
                                                    decorative tape and nice stickers. <3                                                                 
     This is what Amy from USA sent for ephemera swap. <3 It was supposed to contain 10 items, but as you can see i got plenty of extras. :) The red folder near the clown envelope is the one that inspired me to make origamis. :)

          I have also received some packages. The upper one is from Jacoline via swap-bot and the one below is something i bought from Whachuneed etsy shop.      
I got a bit worried as i saw this damage of the envelope, 
luckily everything was well packed and the items were fine.
   From Whachuneed I bought these beautifully wrapped scrap packs.

    Whachuneed, pack one. Very nice. :)

                                             Whachuneed pack two. I liked this too. :)

                        These charms are also from Whachuneed. I seem to need a lot of things.. :)

   This AMAZING package came from Jacoline in the Netherlands for Valentine`s swap.
So many nice things! <3

  I just loved these owls! They make me smile <3. I`m going to transform these into magnets so i can see these every day. Just so cute!

               Jacoline also send this nice heart decoration. You can for example put your pretty postcards behind the hearts and make a little postcards display with this. I really love this too. :)
 My daughter had drawn this for me for Valentine`s day. <3 I am in the middle and Anni is the smaller one. She knows my favourite color is red, as you can see in my shirt. And her favourite color is green. :) There is also a moomintroll with us. And a nice duckling. 
She told we are going for a night swim here. :)
   This says "Happy Valentine`s day". :) She has written it herself. Quite nice for a 4 y.o. <3

    My boyfriend isn`t that much of a romantic so i was VERY surprised as he brought me these.
                         Oh my. <3

Happy Valentine`s day to you all! 

  You are lovely.  ♥


  1. Amazing mail as always! I hope you enjoy the magazines! And happy Valentine's day to you as well! (:

    1. Thank you! A bit late, but anyway :) The magazines are lovely, haven`t read all of them yet though.