Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mail and shopping.

Today i did some shopping. Didn`t actually look for anything special, just checking what our lovely city had to offer. I visited the Second Hand Store at the centre of Oulu, where i went to look for some new clothes for my daughter. She grows up so fast! Didn`t find any clothes for her, but luckily found some treasures for myself.

    There was this huge cardboardbox and it was full of unused postcards, oh my!  And the best thing was they cost 0,10 euros each. That is about 0,13$. I might have bought 40.. The plastic bags were another catch, full of stamps from around the world! The price was 3 euros (3,99$) for these both. 

  And there sure was stamps! I was actually mad enough to count these, 
outcome was i now have 1205 new (old) stamps. How cool is that!

My boyfriend collects icehockeycards and he asked if i could go to Akateeminen kirjakauppa (academic bookstore) to see if there was any plastic card pages for storing the cards. Well, didn`t find any of those, but..

 Found something else. Basic labelstickers for my letterwriting-projects. A wooden clipboard for letterwriting and other projects. The beautiful card (the spaceboys) is by Mila Marquis. And I found a cool crafty magazine here in Oulu, wooo-hooooooo! Mollie makes that is.

A better picture of my beautiful writingboard. 
It is made of 100% recycled 
cardboard and therefore i love it even more!

The Mollie makes didn`t include just the magazine, but two extra gifts, both were wonderful. :)

    There was eight cards with nice envelopes. 4 different cards, two of each.  
Each card had a nice crafty quote.

   Doesn`t it? :)

There was also this extraspecialgift, 2013 Luxury Spring Paper collection! Papers were size A4.
It was really nice and inspiration just began to tingle all around me!

    Here are a few of my favourite designs:

I have also received some mail :)
 Ankica from Croatia send me a nice letter with gifts for us all. ♥
My daughter got this lovely bow, my bf a postcard with a soccerstadium
(he collects postcards of stadiums) and i got a beautiful bookmark. The flowers are by the way real!

And these waited in my mailbox today: 
Two postcards via Postcrossing. Mouflons from Evelyne in France and Gurulu Demon Mask from Nicky in Great Britain. Thank you so very much! 
And i already received my "Big Fat Filled Envelope" via Swap-bot. It came from PK in Texas. And woooooooooooow what was inside! It was just SUPER!!! I of course took a photo after i opened this, but that`ll have to wait until tomorrow. It is already 3.30 A.M and i so very much should be sleeping. 

Until next time! ♥  


  1. 1205 stamps! I would have given up way before I got those counted. Are you using them for something special or are they for your own collection?

  2. It was kind of meditative to count these :D I guess i will be using them for crafty purposes and some of these will also be mailed around the world for other people crazy for stamps.

    I used to really collect stamps when i was around 10, but not anymore. I still have those collections safe at my parents` house in Helsinki. It`s nice to look at them once in a while. :)