Monday, March 4, 2013

Postia, Mail (3.)

Hello dears! 

I´m sorry for this delay, this post should have been here a week ago already, but life happens sometimes. My daughter got sick and we had to visit the emergency room this week etc. Luckily it was just a minor allergic reaction. But I`ve had so much things on my mind, that posting here hasn`t been possible until now. I hope you understand.
This time i have SO many pictures that i wont be talking too much, just saying i have again received some awesome mail! <3



Card from Joe in Usa, Rilakkuma envie from Mikki in Usa and folded envelope from Helena in Japan.

Lovely old school letter from Helena. She had folded the paper into an envelope and put a seal on top.

From Mikki, "February is for Matryoshkas". I just LOVE these Russian dolls.
More mail <3 I really like the postcard with Chinese lady doing traditional handcraft, it came via Postcrossing. Of these i only had a few photos, don`t know why. :/

From Jean-Michel in France came all these bookmarks!!

Jean-Michel had used this lovely picture as writing paper. I also received a souvenir magnet!
Some postcards i ordered from Polkkajam. I just love their designs!
More mail from Helena in Japan. She told Japanese post office is a bit unreliable, so she decided to send me mail two times just to make sure i will get something. And i managed to get both! <3

A letter from Annett in Germany. Frida Kahlo is an amazing woman, see this Frida Kahlo writing paper!! I so want to get some myself!    

Tiny ephemera from Shannon. <3

No Spending swap, from Terrie
Stickers!! Also from Terrie. <3

Also these came from Terrie, WOW.

From Renate and JarieLyn. <3 Love the unique letters here!!
Goodies from Renate. Very inspiring!!
A very pretty ATC i received from Cathy.
These are from Lisa for Suprise in an envelope 2, i think. My bookkeeping is a mess... I love iced coffee. Unfortunately the variety here in Finland is very poor. So i was happy get a new flavour to taste!
More mail... :)

From Mary in Usa. I really like this design! <3
Mary sent me these goodies. More Frida, oh joy! <3

Even more mail..  :D My mailbox has been somewhat generous lately, dont you think? :) <3

From Krystin in Usa. She had also included Chicago Bears notepapers for my boyfriend. (My bfs favourite NFL team) He had already taken those treasures before i got to take this picture. Boyfriends need to be mail spoiled sometimes too! :)

From Ashley. I love the notecard, so magical!

WHAT? More mail? Yes!! Special note to the official LEP -stationery on the upper left corner. :)

Robyn from Australia sent me a letter and had included Angry Birds collectable stickers for Anni. Anni LOVED these. She even keeped the package they came in. :)

I ordered some more washi.. oops! Again from great Teippitarha. They semt mt the pink stickers as an extra, nice.



To get mail you also must send mail. I do send loads of mail, but i still forget to take photos.. Sorry! But here are some.

This is our kitchen table... So neat and organized! This is where i usually write my letters etc. And where i am sitting at this moment. And yes, i do have a bookshelf in the kitchen too, don`t we all? And SUN has been seen in northern Finland, WOW!!!  

Until next time! Have a very nice day! :)


  1. I recognize the outgoing package with the pigeon, I posted the outside envelope of it and the content of the envelope on my blog as well! ( I know I already said so on the ratting on swap-bot, but I really loved everything so much, thanks! <3

    I love all the mail you got, so cute! Specially the ephemera, I'm a huge fan of it.

    Your table looks so cozy <3

    1. I`m glad you liked the package i sent. :)
      And good to hear my table looks cozy, there is a very fine line between cozy and messy. :D

  2. Wow, what a great post to look at. Your mailbox has indeed been quite generous in its delivery. I'm glad you received my letter too. I hope your daughter is much better now. You have a great space for writing.

    1. Luckily now i have had a few less generous days, because i want to answer to every single piece of mail i get (except for swap-bot swaps that don`t require answering) so if the mail would keep coming like this I´d be in deep trouble. I already have 32 letters waiting for my answer!
      And yes, Anni is already fine, thank you for your concern. She just left for library with Ari. :)

  3. I hope your little girl is feeling fine again.
    Your received mail is impressive! (I'm sure your outgoing is amazing too by the way.)

    1. Yes, Anni is already healthy! <3 Btw. something for you went to the mailbox just about now. Anni and Ari went for library and Anni is going to put the letter to the nearest mailbox. :)

  4. Wow wow wow! That is so much mail :D Nice that your little one got something in the mail too with being sick! It is just amazing how much pretty things you got, woho :D Lots'o'treasure! I think you need to watch out for pirates :0

    1. Haha, luckily i haven`t seen any pirates lately, but i definitely should keep my eye on those! Though Anni is my little pirate, she usually finds something interesting in almost every piece of mail i get. :)

  5. Vauuu... Kyllä on nyt niin paljon postia että huh huh :D Kaikki niin ihanan pikkutarkkoja ja söpöjä kirjeitä ja paketteja ja ahh noista ei malttais pitää näppejään erossa tutkimasta mitä kaikkea sieltä löytyy :D Niin ihanan näköistä!

    1. Niinpä! Musta on kanssa ihana tutkia varsinkin noita isompia random-paketteja, että mitä kaikkea jännää sisältävät. Sitten lajitella niitä sisältöjä vähän teeman ja käyttötarkoituksen mukaan. (Oikeasti mulla on kyllä tällä hetkellä iso laatikko täynnä saatuja aarteita odottamassa tuota lajittelua, mun pitäisi olla organisoidumpi!.. :) )

  6. voisitko esitellä "kirjoitusnurkkauksesi" ja missä säilytät kirjepaperit, tarrat yms..? :)

    1. Tuossa alimmassa kuvassa on karkea totuus mun kirjoitusnurkkauksesta. :D Kirjoitan ja levitän kaikki askartelukamat usein tähän keittiön pöydän ääreen, mulla ei siis ole varsinaista erillistä työpöytää missään. Tuossa kuvassa näkyvässä kirjahyllyssä on alhaalla sellaiset kaapistot, joissa säilytän mun askartelutavaroita silloin, kun en niitä käytä. Hyllyn vieressä on myös pikkulipasto ja sitten osa hyllyistä on myös mun askartelukamojen säilytyskäytössä nyt.

      Pitäisi kyllä keksiä vähän parempi systeemi, koska tää on aika sotku ja lapsiperheessä kai pitäisi olla keittiönpöydän vähän vähemmän tukossa. :D Voin kyllä esitellä tarkemminkin tuota säilytysratkaisua joskus, kun oon oikeen siivousvimmassa ja saan kaiken järjestellyksi. :)

  7. Very lovely blog you have! :) I love all the letters you've received and sent.
    +1 follower :D

    1. Thank you. <3 I`ll start following you too. :)

  8. Yay, another lovely mail blog to follow!
    +1 follower for you!

  9. Oih miten paljon postia ja kaikkea muuta kivaa :)

  10. Wow!! You received such wonderful imcoming mail!! Love the variety in each and every one of the senders.

  11. so much amazing mail :)

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